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Jenny Beeken

Jenny Beeken has been teaching yoga for over 40 years and running an inner yoga teacher’s awareness course, based on teaching from one own practice and one’s own understanding that comes from that practice. She has written 6 books based on this inner knowledge-intuition.

Jenny was originally taught by Shri B.K.S. Iyengar in India-his thorough, deep teaching ‘woke up’ the intelligence of the body. In the last 20years she has followed the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli (who was taught 1 to 1 by Shri B.K.S.Iyengar and then focussed on awakening the spine)through classes with Diane Long in Italy and England.

The transformational aspect of the practice of yoga on the body the mind and the heart is key to the teaching.
For more information on Jenny, you can visit her website: https://jennybeekenyoga.com/


Lisa Christensen

From Lisa....
I started practising yoga in 1995. I came to yoga to heal a bad back and sore knees due to too much high impact exercise. For a few years I enjoyed the physical benefits.  I started to notice that yoga also helped me on a mental and emotional level. I felt calmer, more patient and became more organised.  This feeling really got me interested in yoga.  

I started to study with Jenny Beeken and the Inner Yoga Trust in 2005 . The very thorough teacher training programme I joined was tough and self reflective. I can honestly say it changed my life;

 it' simportant to be open and honest to help heal myself and others. I teach without judging and I believe that everyone can practise yoga . There are no “ perfect postures” yoga should be experienced on a personal level and never compared with others.

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Tina Moxon

From Tina....
Firstly, I believe anyone can practice yoga no matter of flexibility, ability, age or gender.  I went to my first yoga class nearly 25 years ago and
 after practicing many types of yoga for many years, I began to practice with Jenny, loved it, felt completely different in my practice and studied the Inner Yoga teacher training course, 
None of this happens overnight though…. It’s all part of the journey – sounds cliched but it’s true.  Sometimes it’s straightforward and easy, sometimes we get lost and sometimes we stop and take a break because we like the view or our vehicle breaks down and we have to stop.  And it all moulds us to who we are, and makes us ask and question, and there’s no lovelier place to do that than on a mat.